Pete says:
The first time I saw Steve was in 1976. He had 'choirboy' brylcreemed hair and was wearing a vicar's dog-collar. This was in a nightclub near where we were both living at the time. I thought he must have taken a wrong turning somewhere or was maybe going round the clubbers with a charity collecting tin. I was wrong,he was deejaying that night and the saintly getup was just his idea of fashion!
We went on to form a punk band together a few months later and had loads of laughs playing with most of the original wave of bands. Sadly the band broke up after a few months, not helped by the fact that Steve can't sing and I can't play! Only joking Steve!
Steve & I finally lost touch after I took off and went travelling in 1980. Luckily, Steve managed to trace me a couple of years ago and we've stayed in touch since then.

Pete Sandford

Born in Lancashire, January 1957. Grew up in a small village and spent my childhood roaming the local countryside with the other village kids. In our early teens most of us got old motorbikes and spent our days tearing round the fields and bodging the bikes to keep them going.
I trained as a motor technician but got sick of getting oily every day so I switched to teaching. Realising I was still a bit young for that (I was 22 and teaching students of 19) I decided to take off on my Yamaha XT500 to see some more of the world.
It was to be three years before I moved back to the UK and in the meantime I'd become addicted to windsurfing.
I moved to the UK's windsurfing mecca (Hayling Island) with my girlfriend Michelle (now my wife) and started a surf business. I used to do a lot of windsurf competitions and once got as high as being listed at number 8 in the UK professional rankings.
I've always had motorbikes, most recently my beloved 1950 BSA bobber, built by the legendary Odgie.
In 2006 I bought a 1972 VW Beetle. It came in a vanload of cardboard boxes and was a bit like a construction kit minus the instructions. It took me twelve weeks to rebuild it as a Baja Bug. I then drove it from the UK to The Gambia (via France, Spain, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauretania and Senegal) for charity as part of the Plymouth Dakar Challenge.
When I saw The Motorcycle Diaries movie I started thinking that it would be fun to retrace Che & Alberto's trip riding an identical old Norton to theirs.
When I wanted someone to come along on the trip, all my mates said no but then I remembered Steve.
No, only joking, Steve was the first person that came to mind and he jumped at the chance.
It's going to be hard being away from my family for eight weeks but hopefully we'll be able to stay in touch via phone and the occasional internet cafe. I'll be taking a webcam so they will be able to tell me I need a shave!


Steve Holmes

Born on December25th 1958.... in a stable....but there were no wise men there.
Educated at Harvard...sorry, wrong spelling...Very ard.
Joined Blackburn Cathedral Choir(Pete: he's no angel really!) & went on to become head boy, won awards (Pete: cycling proficiency?) and also sang a solo on live TV.
It went downhill after that.. teenage years spent drinking, womanising, college, up to no good and womanising. I liked womanising.
Male modelling career cut short due to being an ugly barsteward.
Worked in a holiday camp in 1981. It was fantastic there, I lived life to the full!!
HGV driving suits me nowadays 'cos I like being sat on my backside all day.

Got into two wheels via a Lambretta SX200 but nowadays ride a Ducati 749s. Chalk & cheese.
I like mountains (just done Helvellyn) and I like mountain women!! My wife, I mean!
If I didn't have any bad luck I'd have no luck at all.
After my wife, my 2nd love is Man Utd. I've been watching them since 1969 and have two season tickets (Pete: one for each bum cheek!).
I love Italian food. In fact, I love any food, which is why I'm a fat bastard.
Passions: Ski-ing, water ski-ing, reading, football and drinking copious amounts of Stella Artois.
I always wanted an old British bike but not as old as this Norton!






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